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Serving over 115,000+ patients in Canada through Virtual Care

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Appointments are conducted through a secure and private video call.

“I am new to cannabis. Everything was explained very clearly to me when I received my document. The licensed producer got in touch with me a few days later and it was very easy to order.”

“Thank you for your guidance. My appointment and time spent with the practitioner and educator were great.”

MM, One of Our Trusting 115,000+ Patients

TG, One of Our Trusting 115,000+ Patients

How To Get Medical Canna in Canada

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See a Canna Educator

Medical Canna Assessment

Order Your Medical Products

Book an appointment to meet your healthcare practitioner over a video call. They will assess you for medical cannabis and if eligible, authorize or renew your medical document.

A medical canna educator will join the video call. They will assist with product selection and give dosing advice.

Your educator will send the registration forms to the licensed cultivator (LC) on your behalf. You will then be able to order your medical canna products directly.

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